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Our Story

"Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone."

Psalm 71:9

We have adopted a Social Impact Model with 5% of proceeds being donated to underserved communities, which allows us to have an impact on providing a dignified human experience.

     The concept of Linking Loved Ones sparked in 2022, when I began my journey as a long-distance caregiver.  At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine regulations forced agencies to provide telecommunication technology for families to virtually visit their loved ones.  As pandemic restrictions started to ease and the personnel shortages increased, the beloved video call and services alike, that were once provided due to COVID-19's extenuating circumstances, were no longer available.  At the same time, COVID-19 taught us that there was a solution to the isolation!

     My journey brought to light the challenges that people living in isolation and suffering from illnesses face.  Lack of communication with caregivers, families, and friends, only accelerates feelings of loneliness and depression, especially for groups of people who cannot advocate for themselves, such as long term facility residents.  This issue, usually, falls on the shoulders of the caregivers who are already doing their best to balance busy family lives and caregiving.

     This is when I set out to provide the utmost high-quality and dignified virtual visit experience a caregiver, family and friend should have with their loved ones.  This service is set to relieve not only the challenges faced by caregivers such as burnout, traveling expenses, and limited time with their loved ones, but that of the serious mental health issues and physical limitations of our elders and disabled people.


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